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Why an Oliver Trailer

It’s a SWISH thing! 

Well, it’s more than that – but the swish thing was how it started!  When we first started talking about the potential of going into RVing, we both had a visceral response to all the “swishes” we saw on the sides of RVs.  The design folks seem to be stuck in the 70’s.  As we started getting more serious, we really only had three basic requirements.

  1.  Sleep 2 people – plus a third (our granddaughter) on occasion,
  2.  Easily pulled by our soon-to-be tow vehicle, a Ford F250 6.7 Power Stroke, and
  3.  Shwishless.

While the first two requirements yielded lots of potential candidates, the third really narrowed the field.  Yes, there were Airstreams but they were our of our price range. Then there were some of the off-road testosterone enriched versions that were a little too rugged for us.

We didn’t want to be mistaken for an invasion force.

(If you are an owner of Swish – please don’t be offended – this is a personal style thing.)



Then , quite by accident we happened into the realm of fiberglass trailers.  It reckoned me back to my days as a sailing pirate of the seas off the Florida east coast.  Behold – a white egg trailer with no swishes!  Problem was, it was a bit small for us.  But we now had hope!!

It wasn’t long before we found the Oliver Travel Trailers which we initially liked – except – for the dreaded SWISH!  Despite Oliver’s failure in our third requirement, we kept looking through their web site and suddenly, from the depth our computer we heard angelic music that gradually built to a full chorus!  Lo, the internet slowly brought forth an image to our tired eyes –  a picture of a covey of swishless Oliver Travel Trailers!!


We looked some more at the Oliver’s and sent them an inquiry to see if they actually sold swishless trailers.  They said, “Why, yes, we do.”  We at last had a candidate to investigate further.  That’s when we stumbled into  Oliver Owners Forum.  What a wonderful group of folks.  Now, I am sure that lots of RV brands have great owner groups but we were struck with the level of care, help, and support offered by the group.  Then we had our first interaction with our sales rep and he signed his text with this.

We were impressed since typically Christians, especially those in sales, don’t advertise their faith.  We took comfort in this.  Next, we started looking at the details of the Oliver trailers and found this video of their brand story.  We appreciated the family focus.  Finally, we started reading reviews and diving into the depths of the Owners Forum.  We were impressed.  So, we decided to take the next step and we scheduled a factory tour.

Our journey has begun!  Stay tuned for more.

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