Pick Up Checklist

Many Oliver Travel Trailer owners have given much thought and shared their insight in developing a pick-up checklist.  I tried to take their ideas and suggestions and add a little to come up with the checklist we will be using when we pick up Lucy later this month. I am sure there is still a […]

Are Oliver Owners Drinking the Kool-Aid?

After having become interested in Oliver Travel Trailers, we decided to take a trip to Hohenwald, TN for a factory tour.  Our purpose was to see firsthand if what we were reading from the Oliver’s Owners forum was accurate or if copious amounts of special Kool-Aid had been consumed.   While we could have made […]

Why an Oliver Trailer

It’s a SWISH thing!  Well, it’s more than that – but the swish thing was how it started!  When we first started talking about the potential of going into RVing, we both had a visceral response to all the “swishes” we saw on the sides of RVs.  The design folks seem to be stuck in […]